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6 Semester (2 years 9 month)
Faculty of Industrial Sciences and Technology

The program is a platform that provides three specializations: chemical technology; biotechnology; and material technology. The field of chemical technology encompasses organic; physical; inorganic; and analytical chemistry. Biotechnology is an applied science field that manipulates living organisms to produce products in industries. Meanwhile; material technology is an applied science field that studies the properties of materials such as metals; ceramics; glass; polymers; semiconductors; and composites.

Entry Requirements

Local Students

   General Requirements

  • SPM / O-Level and any equivalent
  • Minimum of THREE (3) credits (GRED C) including credits in Bahasa Melayu
  • Passed in History subject at least (GRED E)

   Specific Requirements

  • Minimum GRED C in subject Mathematics AND ;
  • Minimum GRED C in any ONE (1) Subjects Science (Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics) or Technical subject (Mechanical Engineering Studies/Electric and Electronic Engineering Studies/ Civil Engineering Studies/ Engineering Technology) or the latest subjects in Science and Technology are subject to a amendments by the Ministry of Education (KPM) OR ;
  • Minimum GRED C in any ONE (1) subjects Science / Additional Science / Agricultural Science AND students MUST and PASS the basic courses in Biology/Chemistry/Physic at the Diploma level
  • At least passed (GRED E) in English language subject
  • Candidates must not color blind and physically fit to perform practical works

International Students

   General Requirements

   Specific Requirements

   English Language Qualification

Program Structure

Tuition Fees

Future Careers

  • Technician
  • QA/QC/Lab Executive
  • Medical Laboratory Technologist
  • Assistant Application SpecialistLaboratory
  • Assistant Laboratory Technologist
  • Production Assistant
  • Technical Writer
  • Facilities Technician
  • Assistant Environmental Officer
  • Assistant Safety & Health Officer
  • Assistant Chemist
  • Any related position